Gutter Installation & Repair

Do You Need New Gutters?

There are a few discernible symptoms that indicate your gutters may need some help. If you let your gutters go unattended, the results can be extremely expensive, so their maintenance is totally worth it. 

Now, we know you aren’t gutter experts, but we are and we have a few tips that you can use to determine if RocStout needs to come out and take a look:

Any warping, mold or water damage is a major cause for concern because it allows for water to seep into the home and cause damage to the interior.

Gutters are meant to hold water until it reaches a safe point to drain, so any cracking or corrosion negates that work and allows it to pool and build up in areas it shouldn’t.

The total lack of gutters on a home is extremely serious and needs to be remedied immediately. No gutters means no proper drainage, which can result in serious property damage.

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