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Signs your siding needs a pick me up

If you’ve been reading this, wondering if your Bryan College Station siding really needs to be replaced or not, there are some certain indicators that you should have a professional out to take a look and help you make a decision. Maybe your siding is just a bit worn down but has no true damage, then it wouldn’t need repairs or replacement. However, there are more serious symptoms to keep in mind when you look at your siding:

1. Broken & damaged siding

This one is pretty easy to spot quickly. While you may be under the impression that broken siding is simply an unsightly mark on the exterior of your home, it is actually putting your home at risk of serious interior damage. These risks include mold and mildew, as well as animal and bug infestations that can end up costing you thousands to fix.

2. Mold & Mildew

Siding composed of concrete or brick is not at risk for this, but any other materials tend to be quite porous which is a perfect breeding ground for mold spores. The replacement of mold and mildew requires thorough removal of all the areas surrounding the spots in order to keep everyone protected.

3. rot

Mold is not required in order for rotting to happen. However, you need to be certain your siding is not broken in any places to prevent rot from occurring. If your siding appears compromised, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

4. decreased insulation efficacy

Your home siding could be making your electric bills higher than average. Holes can allow warm air in and cool air out, making it more costly to make your home comfortable.

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