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Many home owners may not think about their house’s outside paint; yet, the fact is that it does a lot more than just add to a residence's outward appearance.

Exterior paint is partly responsible for preserving College Station Texas homes comfortable, inhabitable, and durable and it will in addition help make a residence increasingly power-saving.

Whenever paint starts peeling or splitting on a College Station Texas house, it is the right moment for house owners looking for Exterior House Painting to contact RocStout Roofing & Exteriors for assistance!

No paint is flawless and regretfully, not any of them will last forever without needing a replacement coat.

The paint on each College Station Texas house will ultimately dim, break, or peel away and since paint acts as a protective coat for a home, flawed or deteriorating paint can cause troubles that might demand prompt attention.

You need Exterior House Painting and it's the right moment to dial 979-710-7839 and make arrangements for an examination by RocStout Roofing & Exteriors and make arrangements for a fresh coat of paint for your house!

So Why Do Residences in College Station Texas Have To Be Painted?

If homeowners in College Station Texas begin seeing troubles with the paint on their house, it might seem to be a bothersome issue to take care of.

Drab or peeling paint can make a home to appear neglected, significantly reducing appearance while maybe affecting the energy saving measures and longevity of the home.

Outside paint might gradually lose its vibrancy or deteriorate with time for numerous reasons and the biggest reason is continual exposure to weather conditions.

Sun, rain, wind, and snow might strain paint and cause it become less vibrant, peel, blister, or crack as time passes and dampness is an additional reason for outside paint’s eventual degradation.

If the outside surfaces of a home were not correctly made ready ahead of painting, the paint might not stick effectively, particularly if the paint was not suitably put on.

Although you may think that painting a residence's exterior could possibly qualify as a DIY activity, it is frequently an enormous task that demands a substantial time investment - an aspect that not many busy College Station Texas house owners are able to do.

Fortunately, home owners can rely on RocStout Roofing & Exteriors to get the best Exterior House Painting in College Station Texas!

Why Should College Station Texas Homeowners Engage RocStout Roofing & Exteriors?

Although fading or deteriorating paint isn't a major concern, it is a good concept to be prepared for needing to eventually repaint a house's outside covering.

The outside paint on a College Station Texas home might help it seem attractive and boost visual appeal; nevertheless, the primary function of exterior paint is to shield that surface of a home.

When the right kind of paint is applied accurately, it functions as one more covering of defense from the harsh conditions and layers of paint function as barriers from moisture, averting mold and mildew growth as well as water destruction that may endanger a home's structural integrity over time.

Though undertaking the task by yourself may be tempting, it's a wiser plan to retain specialists such as RocStout Roofing & Exteriors to perform an expert painting task.

Our painters will properly add paint so that the outside of a residence is much more sturdy and weather-resistant that it used to be.

Premium-quality paint stays on for many years, particularly if specialists accurately prep the surfaces ahead of correctly applying the paint.

Exactly Why Should College Station Texas Home Owners Retain RocStout Roofing & Exteriors?

The best selection for occupied College Station Texas homeowners is reaching out to RocStout Roofing & Exteriors when they require Exterior House Painting.

Just phone 979-710-7839 and the experts at RocStout Roofing & Exteriors are going to correctly prepare the exterior of one's house prior to meticulously putting down layers of paint.

With RocStout Roofing & Exteriors, we are happy to supply superior work by working inside the range of your project allowance to achieve the results you want – and we will not ever give up quality to save money.

RocStout Roofing & Exteriors is committed to your house's well-being, protection, as well as comfort and we want you to be entirely satisfied!

Searching for Exterior House Painting in College Station Texas?

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Painting FAQs:

What’s the Best Type of Paint for a House’s Exterior?

The best paint type depends on a few factors, like the climate in the area, the type of surface being painted, and the budget. 100% acrylic latex paint is generally one of the most popular options, as this type of paint is durable, resists cracking, peeling, fading, and helps prevent mold and mildew growth.

Acrylic latex paint is often suitable for various weather conditions, making it an even better choice overall.

How Long Does Exterior Paint Normally Last?

Paint on a house’s exterior will last for varying lengths of time depending on factors like the paint’s quality, the type of surface painted, the area climate, and whether the homeowner did any maintenance.

High-quality paints can last five to ten years, sometimes more; however, if the surface wasn’t adequately prepared, the paint wasn’t applied correctly, or the house is regularly exposed to extreme weather conditions, the paint may not last as long.

Should Exterior House Painting Be Left to the Pros?

Painting the exterior of a house can be an enormous, complex, tedious task that may put an untrained person’s life at risk. While exterior painting is a task a homeowner can do themselves, it’s often best to leave it to the professionals.

Professionals know best how to prepare a surface and apply paint to make it look good, adequately protect a house’s exterior, and last longer. They also have the necessary tools and safety training to paint upper floors safely.

How Many Coats Does It Take to Paint the Outside of a House?

The number of coats needed will depend on factors like the surface type and condition, the type of paint being used, and the color of the paint. Most professionals will apply two coats at minimum to ensure an even finish and to guarantee that the paint will last longer.

How Should a House’s Exterior Be Prepared for Painting? 

Before painting, a house’s exterior must undergo a few steps in preparation. The surfaces must be cleaned and any loose or peeling paint must be removed.

If there is any damage to the surface, it should be prepared before sanding and priming. Once primed, all that’s left is for the painters to mask any areas that aren’t supposed to be painted.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Paint the Exterior of a House?

It’s always a good idea to wait until the dry and mild seasons to paint a house, as moderate temperatures and lessened precipitation are ideal. For most areas in the United States, this usually means late spring or early fall.

Painting in the summer can make it harder for the paint to dry properly because of high humidity and cold temperatures (and snow) during winter may interfere with the paint adhering to the surface properly.

Does Existing Paint Need to Be Removed Before Painting?

Not always. If the existing paint is in good condition and adheres well to the house’s exterior, it can simply be painted over. If the paint is cracking, chipping, peeling, or blistering, it must be removed to ensure the new paint will have a smooth surface to adhere to.

Other reasons to remove existing paint include:

  • If the surface is stained or dirty and needs a full cleaning.
  • You want to change the paint color to a significantly different one.
  • The existing paint has harmful chemicals like lead.  

Is It Better to Use a Sprayer or a Brush When Painting a House?

Both methods of painting are effective and can be used interchangeably; however, the best method for a specific situation depends on factors like project size, surface type, and desired finish.

Spray painting is typically faster and more efficient, making it a better choice for larger painting projects. It’s also especially good for textured surfaces, though achieving precise edges may be challenging, especially in windy or rainy weather.

Brush painting is slower and more controlled, but is more challenging to get a smooth, even finish with.

What Are the Signs a House’s Exterior Needs Repainting?

Many signs may indicate that a house needs repainting. These are:

  • Fading and discoloration - Over time, paint will discolor or fade due to exposure to the elements. Faded paint is an aesthetic issue more than anything else, but it’s still a good indicator of the paint’s remaining life span.
  • Peeling or cracking - Paint that’s starting to peel or crack often indicates moisture damage or poor paint adhesion. If left unresolved, more problems may develop.
  • Chalking - Chalking is when a powdery residue is present on the paint. It is a sign of paint breaking down and deteriorating.
  • Mold or mildew growth - If mold is growing on a house’s exterior, it can be indicative of moisture damage, especially if the existing paint has visible issues.
  • Damaged wood - If the house’s exterior wooden components are suffering warping or rotting, repainting (after treatment) may be necessary to prevent worsening damage.

Can Damaged Exterior Paint Be Repaired?

In some cases, damaged exterior paint can be repaired; however, the ability to be repaired is determined by the type and severity of the damage. If the damage is minor, such as small chips or scratches, small touch-ups will fix the affected areas.

Larger and more severe damage may require a repaint of the entire affected surface, such as a full wall or section (after resolving any underlying issues, such as moisture damage).

What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid When Painting a House?

It’s worth avoiding common painting mistakes to save money and time and prevent worsening damage to a house’s structural integrity. Common mistakes include:

  • Ignoring underlying issues - Painting over problems will only lead to more problems. Before repainting a house, always ensure that underlying issues are repaired first. Fix problems that are causing moisture damage, wood rot, and the like.
  • Using low-quality paint - Although high-quality paint costs more initially, investing in better paint can be more economical in the long run. Cheap paint won’t last as long and will often require many more coats to achieve the desired result.
  • Not swatching - Paint usually looks different in the can, when it’s applied, and when it’s dry. Always do a swatch test or paint a smaller section before committing.
  • Not paying attention to the weather - Weather can play a big role in the way paint adheres and dries. Check the weather forecast and avoid painting on extreme temperature, rainy, or high-humidity days.

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This company was very professional, from start to finish. We have a home built in the 1940s, which is difficult to work on. They replaced what they took off, with the same thing, not just pieces of plywood. They were very honest with us about everything that needed to be replaced & what didn’t. The clean up afterwards was amazing- it looks like no construction ever happened & they went thru our yard with a magnet to be sure that no nails were left. I would 100% recommend this company & love the work they did on our home.

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Helped me work with insurance company to get a whole new roof after a particularly bad hail storm came through. Cannot recommend them enough.
Honesty and integrity are at the forefront of this company. Amazing quality work and outstanding service. They are quick, attentive & extremely knowledgable. Don't hesitate to call these folks!

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