Brown Ceiling Stains: Sources and Solutions

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How often do you look up at the ceilings in your home?  Be honest.  For a majority of us, the response would likely be “almost never”.  Why would we think to?  Well, there’s actually a lot our ceilings can tell us about the health and safety of our homes.  So start looking up and regularly checking for any pesky stains!  Let’s explore why below. 

Prevailing Causes of Ceiling Stains

Owning a business or a home is a blessing but as with all worthwhile ventures, there are stresses and heavy responsibilities involved.  A brown stain on your ceiling could mean anything from poor insulation on your AC vent to something as devastating as a leak in your roof.  We know the thought of roof repair is daunting, and a roof replacement would be even worse.  It is essential to find the problem as early as possible and do what needs to be done in order to save yourself even more money and frustration down the line.  Identifying the cause of the stain in step one.  

Most Common Causes of Brown Ceiling Stains: 

  • Pest Infestations 
  • Mold and Mildew 
  • Spills from Chemicals 
  • Cracks in Structure 
  • Faulty Shower Pans 
  • Plumbing Issues 
  • HVAC Problems 
  • Water Leaks 

Once you can find the culprit of the brown ceiling spots, you can move on to fixing the nasty thing.  However, even determining the source of the problem can be challenging without a professional.  If so, don’t wait to call. 

Solutions to the Stains 

The hope is that the ceiling stain means anything but a leaky roof.  That’s the worst case scenario because it could be the most costly to fix, especially if the problem wasn’t discovered or taken care of for a very long period of time.  Causes like pest infestation and HVAC issues are a little easier to tackle.  If a pest like a rodent has taken up residence in your attic and urinates/defecates, that can leak through and cause a brown stain.  Simply call an exterminator to rid yourself of the pests before they start making a family, put in some metal screens at the entry points to the attic, and you should be good to go! 

Excess moisture is the most common cause of staining.  But that could mean anything from an air gap in the vent of your AC unit causing condensation to a leak from a broken shower pan in the upstairs bathroom.  When it comes to the more difficult ones to face like a leaky roof, taking preventative measures can save you quite a lot of damage.  This means getting your roof professionally inspected on a regular basis.  You should aim to do so every three to five years for your home and every six months or so for your business.  

If you do find a stain who’s cause stems from a roof issue, don’t put off that phone call!  Roofing is not something recommended to be done yourself unless you have the same experience as the experts.  Our dedicated team at RocStout will find and solve the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.  If you have a ceiling stain and would like any further questions answered, give us a ring. 

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