Top Five Roofing Fails

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A reliable roof is among the most important aspects to a good home.  Your roof guards you and your family from the elements and adds a final aesthetic touch to the look of your residence.  With our blazing summer temperatures and rainy winters around the College Station area, your roof is also essential to greater energy efficiency.  So how often do you consider your roof’s maintenance?  What do you do if it needs a repair?  How likely are you to even notice a problem before it has done a lot of damage?  Considering how indispensable a great roof is, it’s valuable to know what slipups commonly cause roofing issues.  Don’t worry, we’ve got what you need to know right here! 

Fail #1: DIY Roofing 

We know doing work on your own home can be quite fun and rewarding. However, we firmly believe roof repairs are a project that should be left to the professionals only.  DIY roofing fails are probable and can be extremely costly and/or dangerous.  It is necessary for you to possess the proper equipment to do the job safely, as well as the knowledge to determine the cause of the problem and the best solution.  And don’t forget: if you try to fix a roofing issue yourself and make an error, there is no warranty to rely on.

Fail #2: Roof Patching 

The most commonplace blunder here is deciding to patch your roof when it unfortunately needs a replacement.  We understand wanting to squeeze the most life out of your roof with cost efficiency as a priority, and there are cases where patching can do the trick to get you those extra years if your roof is fairly young.  Yet, a patch can be a temporary idea that ends up costing you more in the long run if you need a full replacement, so it may be a bigger decision than it may seem.  

Fail #3:  Shingle Selection 

Homeowners often look at broken shingles as a simple issue to fix.  Sure, it is easy to head down to your local hardware store and pick up some shingles, but choosing the right ones for your roof is a little more complicated.  What happens if you don’t buy the correct ones?  What if what lies below the shingles is damaged as well?   You could leave your roof vulnerable to even more damage.  You could also easily  endanger your home’s energy efficiency resulting in a painful utility bill increase.  

Fail #4:  Finding the Problem 

Most of us won’t easily notice issues our roofs may develop right away, so routine roof maintenance is key.  But even if you remember to take care of it and to look out for warning signs, regular professional inspection is highly encouraged.  It is the most trustworthy way to ensure you aren’t allowing sneaky issues to spin out of control.  

Fail #5:  Procrastination 

It’s in our nature to procrastinate.  We knowingly put off an appointment with our dentist, avoid that call to Grandma or push that paper until the last possible moment.  However, ignoring problems with your roof is a major risk!  Your house could be susceptible to mold, structural damage, fire hazards and more.  If you notice any possible trouble with your roof, it is important to take action quickly.  

How to Avoid these Roofing Fails 

What is the best thing you can do for your roof?  Ask for help.  While it might not be the answer you were hoping for, it is the best answer when it comes to roof care.  Regular cleaning, inspections, and properly executed repairs are crucial to ensuring your roof lasts as long as possible.  Our team at RocStout is ready to assist you with all of your roofing needs!  

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